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Everyone Should Have a Clean Place to go to the Bathroom

Everyone around the world should have the right to a clean bathroom. It’s that simple. So why are 2.4 billion people around the world suffering from a lack of proper sanitation, with millions of them forced to go to the toilet outside?

We need governments around the world to commit to the necessary funding so that 946 million people are provided with clean and private toilets.

Singapore has championed water and sanitation for decades and is now recognized for its sanitation and cleanliness. As the founder of World Toilet Day, Singapore’s continued leadership is critical to ensuring global access to water and sanitation by 2030.

In Indonesia, President Joko Widodo can be a global champion for sanitation in a country with the second highest number of people who go to the toilet in the open. As governor of Jakarta, President Widodo was a champion of improving sanitation. Now we need him to stand alongside Prime Minister Modi of India and place water and sanitation front and centre for local, national and international policymakers. We want him to outline an ambitious plan to end open defecation and achieve universal access to sanitation in Indonesia.

Take a photo of yourself cleaning your bathroom and post it to Twitter to tell the Foreign Minister of Singapore and President Widodo of Indonesia to commit to provide millions of people with improved sanitation by 2030. By Global Citizen

Gillian Anderson's T-shirt in aid of Survival

Survival International Ambassador and actor Gillian Anderson (aka FBI special agent Dana Scully) has launched a new X-Files T-shirt to help Survival. Sold through the charity platform Omaze, which raises funds and awareness through celebrity support, proceeds from the sale of this exclusive T-shirt will help to secure a future for threatened tribes around the world.

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