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GSP Lanao del Sur-Marawi City Council holds DFAs, Secondary School Coordinators Update

The Lanao del Sur-Marawi City Council of Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) conducted a seminar of DFA’s (District Field Advisers) and Secondary School Coordinators UP-DATE at Amai Pak-pak Central Elementary School, Open Gym on August 23-31,2016.

Led by Council Executive Ms. Monaima E. Guiling and Commissioner on Training/Chief Trainer BAE CADIDIA C. ABO the said event was attended by 51 participants from different district field advisers and secondary coordinators of the Lanao del Su-1 and Marawi City hosted by Marawi City Division.

According to the Chief trainer Mrs. Abo, the purpose of the DFA’s and Secondary School Coordinators Up-Date is we are keeping all our troop leaders abreast with training of girl scouting in preparation for our incoming Encampment, our school camporal and the Division encampment.

Last year Ms. Abo said, “we had encampment at Ragayan in the municipality of Poona Bayabao.”

“In preparation to that,” she added, ”we trained our DFAs as well as our Secondary Coordinators.”

She said, “Upon training, they bring the knowledge and skills learned in this training to their co-teachers in the field.

“The District Field Advisers they will bring the Skills to their Respective Districts.

“The Districts are so many schools, not like Secondary is one school,

“They will brig the skills to their Co-Teachers include Private school if there is private school in their area,

“Regarding Encampment in other year We tried to convinced Lanao Del Sur II Superintendent Ampatua that we have a Provincial Wide Encampment

But she didn’t Cooperate with the plan, so we had only our Division Encampment, and once also we tried to convince the MCD it was the time of Supt. Mona Macatanong ,we do have our Wide Encampment at kilala last year,” she a added

Ang Encampment lahat ng itinutoro namin sa kanila ang tungkol lamang Sa SCOUTING ,My message to the DFA’s and Secondary School Coordinators that we will just HOPE that 100% of Cooperation to all concerned the DFA’s and secondary school will Participate in the 4th coming Encampment of the Division.

The Girl Scout movement was adopted by the DEpEd.

Teaching of the GSP movement will help the development of the youth, especially the girls, she ended.

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