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Spectator intrudes into SP session

Photos showing Mitos Teves speaking before the SP. 
(Photos lifted from Facebook).

Iligan City, Philippines

A spectator of a recent regular session of the Sanggunian Panlungsod (SP) suddenly rose from her seat in the gallery, walk toward the microphone and asked questions to the Presiding Officer during the privilege hour.

The lady was identified as a certain Mitos Teves, an avid supporter of the present majority in the SP during the campaign in the May 2016 Elections.

It was reported that the Session had reached its privilege hour when the intrusion occurred.

The Presiding Officer apparently surprised by the situation allowed the intruder to proceed.

Teves reportedly asked the Body if a City Councilor who is not a Chairman of any committee can sponsor a resolution on the floor.

She was probably referring to City Councilor Rosevie Queenie Belmonte who had sponsored a resolution that was carried earlier.

She was informed by City Councilors Petronilo Pardillo and Eric Capitan that all the members of the Body have the same authority insofar as raising issues on the floor.

Reporters covering the SP for many years said they were also surprised that a non-member of the Council was allowed to speak during the privilege hour.

According to past SP house rules, non-members of the Body are allowed to speak only through a Special Order where the House Rules are suspended.

It has not been clarified whether the SP has revised its rules that a non-member without being properly recognized by the Presiding Officer may take the microphone and address the SP in session. The New Ranao Star

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