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Teenage girl dies in house blaze

Trisha Mae Lloren, 18, died in an early morning blaze at their residence at Empire Village, Barangay Pala-o last August 3, 2016.

City Fire Marshal Pedro Felicilda said that at around 6:03 AM the fire department received a fire call from James Yu, a concerned citizen that there was a fire happening at Empire village.

Immediately fire volunteers responded to the call and attended the scene.

Unfortunately, they were late to rescue Lloren who was trapped inside the bathroom.

A witness said that the fire started at the ground floor of the resident which was made of bricks but had engulfed the second floor made of light materials.

Angela Lloren grandmother of Trisha told the Firemen that they were doing their usual early morning jog when they were surprised to hear that a fire was going on at their residence.

The Bureau of Fire Protection estimated that the damage on the LLoren residence may reach P120 thousand.

Felicilda said that investigation to determine the cause of the fire underway when this report was made. IRMA S. BOZA

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