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The Two Lanaos Must Unite

Dear All,


Unless the two Lanaos put our act together, nothing will come out of our great natural resources as bestowed by Allah. We will forever be the "pariah" of Malacanang and all our pleadings for progress will come to naught — no one will hear Lanao…

I share the Lanao Economic Acceleration Program (LEAP) 2016 program with you with the prayers in shaa Allah that we will once more restore the "Dansalan Covenant" and make Lanao (and the Maranaos) the brightest star (and Tribe) among the Cities and Provinces of our country....Let us take advantage now, President Duterte openly acknowledges his Maranao roots with pride, in the same manner that I do.

May Allah subhanah wata Allah guide us all..

Yours in peace,

Datu Mangompia Brother Arnold "Aji" Garbanzos

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