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Greatest Islamic Revolution in the life of Prophet Mohammad (saw)

By Datu Meno D. “SB” Manabilang

In the early days of the prophet hood of Mohammad (saw), after defending many battles, Allah has commanded him to export and propagate Islam throughout the world, as stated in the Holy Qur’an(3:63) “Say, O followers of the Book, come to an equitable proportion between us and you, that we shall not worship any but God, and we shall not associate aught with him, and some of us shall not take others for lords beside God; but if they turn back time, then say’s ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims”.

The people of Arabia become Muslims one after the other and increasing numbers of men, women and youth adopted God’s faith --Islam. Almighty God had sent the Holy Prophet for all human beings. He commanded this Prophet to send messages to the Kings of all the countries and to invite them to Islam to ask them to become Muslims. In fact, the Holy Prophet of Islam has been granted the sacred duty of exporting his divine religion his divine Islamic revolution to all parts of the world. The Holy Prophet the ordered letters to be written in his behalf to the Kings, His close companions remarked “o, Prophet of God.” It is customary with Kings not to read letters which is not sealed.

Then, the Prophet had a ring made for him on which was written, “Muhammad Rasullollah”, That is, “Muhammad, God’s Messenger and wish that ring he sealed the letters. Many of his best followers were chosen for propagation of Islam in other places, both near and far.

Being a Divine Prophet he was quite aware of human nature and thus know that those ordered to go to nearby countries or cities would perform their missions willingly; but it was probable that those ordered to go in faraway places for giving the messages of Islam, would be reluctant to do so. Therefore, he asked them to gather together and said to them. “O, People God has sent me as a source of blessings for all human beings. So, be sure to fulfill your duties so God will bless you. Never disagree with me as the companions disagreed with Jesus, the son of Mary.”

The companions of the Holy Prophet asked, “How did the companions disagree with Jesus Christ, peace be upon him?”

The Holy Prophet answered, Jesus asked his companions to convey his messages to different parts of the world, just as I asked you to, Those sent to nearby lands obeyed his order willingly and performed their duties, but those ordered to go to faraway land showed disconcert repaired form going to distant lands. Then Jesus complained to Mighty God about the disobedience of some of his followers.

When they got up in the morning, they found their languages changes, so that each of them spoke in the language of the people to whose land Jesus Christ had ordered him to go to give his divine messages.

Fortunately, unlike the followers of Jesus Christ the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet of Islam willingly agreed to go to any place he commanded.

The prophet sent Dihyat-al-Kalbi with a letter to Caesar of Rome, in which he invited him to convert to Islam… Dihyat went to Damascus, made his way to the place of the King and ask to visit him.

When he was permitted to enter the palace, the countries of Caesar said to him “You must prostrate yourself before the King as soon you can see him and you should not raise your head until you are given permission to do so”.

Dihyat answered; “I will never prostrate myself before him.”

But Dihyat, without bowing his head the least of the Holy Prophet of Islam to the King. Caesar was rather surprise to see somebody not prostrate or bow before him. Yet he took the letter from him and called on his translations to read and translate it to him. And he then knew that in that letter, The Holy Prophet had urged him to become a Muslim and to let his people convert to Islam as well. Caesar decided to get to know who the Prophet was, so he said to his courtiers. “Look for somebody from his people, so we can question him about Muhammad.” And they started searching in the Bazaar of Damascus and finally they found a Quraish who had come to Damascus for trade and took him and his companions to the palace of the Roman King in Jerusalem status, turned to his translators and said. “Ask them which one knows more about the man who calls himself a Prophet.”

The Quraish merchant answered, “I know about him more than others”. Caesar asked

“Is his family regarded as noble and genuine by your people?”

The merchant answered. “Yes, his family is genuine and honorable.”

Has anybody else among you claimed to be a prophet? “No”

Has anybody heard him tell a lie before his claiming to be a prophet? “No”

How his wisdom and justice?

“We know of nobody as wise and just he is”.

“Are the aristocrats and the wealthy his followers or the poor?”

“His followers are the poor and the oppressed”.

“Are his followers increasing in number or decreasing each day?”

“Each day they increase and become more and more”.

“Does he ever break his promise?”

“No never”.

“Have you ever attempted to fight him?”


“How do the fights between you and him go on?”

“There are victorious and defeats. Sometimes we become victorious over him and sometimes he becomes victorious over us.”

“What does he urge you to do?”

“He urged us to worship the One God and not to associate anything with God. He wants us to desist the faith of our ancestor- idolatry-and to perform ritual prayers to pay the poor rate, to be just and honest and to stand by our world.”

Although, the rich Quraish merchant was by no means a follower of the Prophet. Fearing test he should be the put to shame if he told to speak the truth about the Prophet of Islam. Then Caesar remarked.

“Certainly he is a Prophet. If I were by his side, I would was his feet?”

The Quraish merchant who were, in fact, enemies of the Prophet, were rather surprised to see how his status among the people had gone up and thus they got up and left the palace of Caesar.

The Holy Prophet of God wrote a letter to Khusroe- the King of Iran in which it was started. “In the name of God the merciful the compassionate”

From Muhammad Gods Messenger to Khusroe the King of Persia.

Greetings to the one who follows the path of salvation, who believed in God and in God’s Prophet and who bear witness that there is no God but the One God and that Muhammad is God’s servant and messenger. At God’s order, I call upon you, for I am. Gods messenger to all human beings. Almighty God has ordered me to warn all the disbelievers. Convert to Islam which is the right path, so you will be immune and if you reject Islam, you will have to pay for the sins of all those who follow you.

The Holy Prophet gave his letter to Abdullah ibn Hadhagah to take to Khusroe. Abdullah make his way to Iran, went to the palace of the King and demanded to meet Khusroe. He was permitted to do so and thus he gave the letter of the Prophet of Islam to the King of Iran. Khusroe read the letter and was rather angry to see that it had been started.

“From Muhammad, Gods Messenger to Khusroe, the King of Persia. The arrogant, idiotic King was so angry at seeing that the Prophet of Islam had begun the letter with his own name “Muhammad” that he must rudely tear the letter into pieces”.

Abdullah Ibn Hadhagah left Khusroe’s palace, returned to Medina, went to the sacred presence of the Prophet and reported his trip to him, saying that Khusroe had torn the letter to pieces.

The Holy Prophet of Islam said:

“May God tear his monarchy into pieces” His Holiness used a little and then said. “A group of Muslims will gain Khusroe treasured which are in the white Palace. “Thus saying of the Holy Prophet came true. At the time of the second Caliph, Muslims become victorious over the Sassanian King and gained Khusroe’s treasure were in the white Palace”.

Another third letter wrote by the Holy Prophet is addressed to the Najashi, the King of the Ethiopia were previously a number of Muslims had migrated and had been well received by Najashi who had given them and audience and treated them very kindly.

“Amr Ibn Ummayah” was ordered to give this letter to Najashi and he did so. As soon as Amr Ibn Ummayah presented the letter of the Prophet Najashi took it lovingly, kissed it, put this blessed letter on his eyes and head and came down from the Throne of monarchy as a sign of homage and modesty. Then he became a Muslim bearing witness, “I bear witness that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Prophet of God”.

After that, Najashi wrote a letter to the Holy Prophet as follows, “To Muhammad God’s Messenger from Najashi Asshameh. “May the greetings of God and God’s blessings be upon from you, O Prophet of God, God other than whom there is no god, who has the guided me unto the path of Islam”! I received your letter, I had meet your cousin and his companions (Ja’afar Ibn Talib and the Muslims who had migrated to Ethiopia)

And now I bear witness that you are God’s Prophet and that your sayings are true. I swear allegiance to you, as I swore allegiance to your cousins who led me into converting into Islam for the sake of the Lord of World.

The Holy Prophet ordered Haith- Ibn-Abi Balta’ah to go to Egypt to give his letter to Mugawas, the Egyptian King, in which he had been called to convert Islam.

Hatib took the letter, went to his house, bade farewell to his family and sat upon this his camel. He starts his journey through the day deserts and went on until he reached Egypt. Then he went to Alexandria where he was informed that the residence of the King was situated in a place overlooking the sea.

Hatib embarked in a ship and went to the palace Mugawas. From afar Hatib signaled to the King with the letter. Upon seeing him, the Egyptian King ordered his men to bring him to his presence. Hatib went forth and gave the letter to of the Prophet to him. Mugowas began reading the letter as follows:

“In the name of God, the Merciful the compassionate, from Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Greetings to the one follows the instructions of God: I call upon you to convert to Islam. Become a Muslim, so you will enjoy peace and immunity. God, will reward you twice, once for attesting to the Prophecy of Muhammad, (Peace and the mercy of God be upon him and his descendants.) “If you reject Islam, you will be blamed for the sins of all Egyptians”. “And O followers of the Book come to an equitable proposition between us and you that we shall not worship any God and we shall not associate aught

With Him, and some of us shall not take others for lords beside God; but if they turn back, Then say, “Bear witness that we are Muslims”.

Mugawas remarked. “If he is a Prophet, why then does he not pray for victorious over his enemies?”

Hatib answered, “Don’t you confirm the fact that Jesus Christ was a Prophet of God and yet he did not pray to God to destroy his people when they wanted to kill him?”

Mugawgas said: Good for you. You are a wise man and have come here on behalf of a wise person. Hatib stated. “The Prophet called upon to people to follow Islam. Of the people, the most obstinate towards him are the Quraish, His greatest enemies are the Jews and the closest of all to him are the Christians, I swear that the good tidings the Prophet Moses, (peace be upon him) gave about the prophecy of the Prophet Jesus Christ is quite like the good tidings Jesus Christ gave about the prophecy of Muhammad, (peace and the mercy of God be upon him and upon his descendants) And our calling from the Old Testament to the New Testament”.

Mugawgas treated Hatib respectfully and returning, sent with him too {} by the nerves of Maria Qabti’ and Sirin and a great deal of costly garments and presents for the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Thus, the messengers of the Holy Prophet of Islam who had travelled to the great countries of the world of that time to deliver the message of Islam returned to Medina. After a few years, the people of Persia, Damascus, Egypt and other countries, to those Kings the Prophet has sent letters through his messengers and called upon them to submit to God’s faith. Islam converted to Islam and become Muslims.

May the blessings and mercy of God be upon Muhammad upon his sinless family and upon their devoted followers: Kindly pass the message to all to whom it may concern to earn mercy and blessings from Allah, try to read meticulously the Holy Qur’an which had translated to English, Tagalog, Visayan, language and Maranao dialect form its original form from Arabic language. We appreciate it very much to inform our office if needed, through the Ranao Star Office. Thank you so much Datu Meno D. “SB” Manabilang MNLF batch90 (AR-10)



The greatest Islamic Revolution in the life of Prophet Mohammad (SWA) had not stopped nor change after his death. His great grandson Sharief Mohammad Sharifuddin (Who wrote the genealogical line blood family Tree of Prophet Mohammad) has two sons named Ali Zainal Abedin(name after his great grandfather) sharing Ali Zainal Abedin the son of Ahier Hyrosis and his brother Abdulrahman. Ali Zainal Abedin blessed with the Sharief brothers who he sent to the Southeast Asian Nations; such as, Sharief Kabonsoan to Maguindanao and Lanao; Sharief Bong to Brunei, and Sharief Mangandang to Maladao, Malaysia. Followed by the two sons of Abdul Rahman the brother Ali Zainal Abedin was sent to Johore and then to Lanao whose descendants spread as far as Balabagan, ,Malabang, Pikong, Butig and Masiu Lanao. Those are some of the descendants of the prophet like Sharief Rajah Indarapatra who was descended from the Sultan of Istanbul, the son of the 3rd caliphate Usman and Rocaya (adopted daughter of the Prophet). He came 1070 A.D to Lanao, Mindanao with his brother Rajah Solaiman who was killed by giant named Umacaan who was then killed by Rajah Indarapatra; followed by Sharief Auliya who arrived in 1380; then later, in 1383 came Jama-ah Missionaries led by Sharief Makdum to propagate Islam in Mindanao. Finally for more than one hundred years before the Spaniards came lead by Spanish conquest from Portugal and Andalos (Spain). Philippines is called Polo Diawa; (meaning) island of the south at the advent of change of time during the dragons Era this Island is called Komara Muntapoli and later on change to Iranun or Bangsa Iranun at the advent of the sovereign 7th Ancient dominion. Acclaim of Asia with Traditional leadership of the Sultanate of Maloko , Maladao, Brunei, Sulog, Maguindanao, Ranao, and Tagoloan. But before the coming of the Spaniards, this 7th Acclaim of Asia, with Luzon, Visayas is under the dominion of the Islamic Sovereign power under Shariefs, Rajas, Sultanate and Datu’s possessing Islamic faith. Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan fought against the Spanish, the Americans and the Japanese which was converted from Islam to Christians of course Minsupala (Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan) remain to be Muslims possessing Islamic Religion till this time. This is a fact, that even after Prophet Mohammad had gone, still his great peaceful Islamic Revolution is any much alive tell today. Nevertheless, with the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (A.S), a true Islamic Religion will region victorious and other fake God man made Idolaters belief will be eliminate, because Allah has only one religion Islam(peace) Finally the question of Prophet Mohammad regarding wearing ring or not.

Kindly read our article: The Greatest Islamic Revolution in the Life of Prophet Mohammad (SWA) so you may know that you do not know.

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