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Climate Change DOES EXIST but absolutely without a doubt NOT MAN MADE

   "One of the original founders of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore, has announced that climate change is “pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science,” and that in reality, ''there is no evidence whatsoever man is contributing to climate change” He said he left the group in the 80s, because it became more interested in politics than the environment, which he could not accept from his scientific perspective."

Naj Sam

Dearest everybody,

A short time ago, I came across Leonardo Dicaprio's National Geographic green propaganda documentary 'Before The Flood' (of course it's for free and available everywhere for a short period of time as money still needs to flow). It's a documentary film made this year, where he relies on ''natural'' disasters (nothing natural about it) to prove that AGW aka anthropogenic global warming is developing and catastrophic. In his own words, Dicaprio says: 'the most scary thing you'll ever see'.

This documentary made me realize how saddening it is the way our current world works these days and how people are completely obsessed with celebrities, so much that they rather would take their advice than to think and do research for themselves. It's actually beyond heartbreaking and incredibly mind boggling.

The main reason I watched it, is I wanted to see in what ways they are trying to persuade/influence and shape ppl's minds and decisions this time, as this whole scare industry has been debunked (to the max) by hundreds of top scientific minds in the field of climate science over and over and OVER again! And yes, I too fell for Al Gore's (the original global warming leader) green propaganda crap.

And for the past decade of my life, after doing my own research on so many many other topics, it was very clear to me that there's something fishy about it, and the very familiarity of how politics/corporates use Hollywood to spread their messages and influence people's minds, decisions and behavior lead me to investigate/examine this subject.

First of all, please let me make myself very clear that climate change DOES EXIST but it is absolutely without a doubt not man made, I repeat it is NOT MAN MADE, NOR is CO2 responsible for it! CO2 is NOT a pollutant but a LIFE GIVING GAS.

The social/cultural/educational engineering/programming, manipulation, deceit and distraction in our current time is so so beyond unimaginatively real and huge that most of us have even forgotten about BASIC BIOLOGY/CHEMISTRY. What we breath out (carbon dioxide aka CO2) plants and trees breath in (it's their ''oxygen'' or food so to speak). And what plants and trees breath out (oxygen aka H2O), we breath in. Natures' own PERFECT and spotless RECYCLING SYSTEM.

Now, I'll go deeper into why it is absolutely not MAN MADE. 

As it is generally known there are only about 400 ppm (parts per million) of CO2 in our atmosphere. This is LESS than minuscule, almost like non-existent. Because atom absorption spectroscopy aka AAS, which is a spectroanalytical procedure for the quantitative determination of chemical elements using the absorption of optical radiation (light) by free atoms in the gaseous state, shows that CO2 can only absorb infra-red radiation in the 15-micron (equal to one millionth of a meter) frequency range. Which means it only has the most minuscule of minuscule of minuscule greenhouse effect. 

What’s more, approximately 95% of this minuscule greenhouse gas is evaporation (gaseous phase of water), literally pumping more and more water vapor into the atmosphere that are NATURALLY RELEASED from EARTHS soil, water, volcanoes, etc. Water vapor is by far the most prevalent greenhouse gas, absorbing the entire infra-red spectrum and is 30,000 ppm in our atmosphere which again is NATURALLY RELEASED.

In addition, CO2’s greenhouse effect is logarithmic aka binary/digital. Higher concentrations have a decreasing greenhouse effect. Once CO2 exceeds 540 ppm, any additional CO2 has almost no effect. Despite the basically nihill role CO2 plays in climate change, yet alone the meagre +/-5% of CO2 which is man-made, the small amount of CO2 there is in the atmosphere rises and falls along with temperature NOT because it is a cause of the temperature, but because of out/off-gassing. It is an effect of RISING and FALLING temperatures. Out-gassing is a chemical property of gasses whereby more gas is released the warmer it becomes. As a result, when temperatures rises, more natural CO2 is released from water and soil. Which is something very GOOD, but I'll tell you why later on.

The nutty 'hockey stick' graph which is repetitively shown by AGW pushers is as much of a sham as Al Gore/UN/world governments/National Geographic/media is, which is also used in Leonardo's documentary. The graph was fabricated by Penn State BRIBED scientist Dr. Michael Mann who PURPOSLY REMOVED the Medieval Warming Period when temperatures were warmer than today, (according to 1,051 peer-reviewed studies representing 601 research institutes in 44 countries). Not only did he remove the Medieval Warming Period but also the Little Ice Age. If you remove these two HUGE climatic changes and smooth out the data from 1000 to 1930, it makes the graph look very threatening which is not the case at all!

The hockey stick is a very very bad joke even among AGW supporters. Ice core analysis proves rising and falling CO2 is the result of rising and falling temperatures, NOT the other way around. They precisely show that when a new warming period starts, CO2 levels are still falling, and vice-versa. Again do not take my words for it but do your research. Information is ABUNDANT! And I'm going to repeat this as much as I can, CO2 is NOT a poisonous gas, it is a life giving gas that is essential/crucial and needed plant food. It would be even better for the earth if CO2 heavily accelerates from current levels. Higher CO2 creates higher crop fields. It actually saves millions from starvation. If CO2 falls below 180 ppm ALL LIFE on earth would cease. CO2 would have to increase to 30,000 PPM or even more to reach DANGEROUS LEVELS. And the fact still remains that prehistoric times saw 3000-5000 ppm CO2 and guess what!? The earth is STILL HERE!!

So somehow today's 400 ppm maybe doesn't fukn deserve the hysteria and attention this network of dirty politicians(UN and world governments), greedy corporations, and bribed scientists and their pedophile commanders Rome/royals in east and west give it. The next claim will be that climate change flooded parts of ''Middle East'' aka North Africa and that's why they couldn't find any weapons of mass destruction, voila! We are being being totally exploited under the name of science, research and preservation. CO2 is NOT what they tell us it is.

Secondly, since 70% of the earth is water and 30% land, there is only a handful of people that might have some 'polluting' influence on the world(which is basically NIHIL), therefor it is UNTHINKABLE that CO2 would present a danger and that it is man made. It kind of thwarts logic.

Thirdly, now let's focus on why more CO2 is a GOOD thing and assume for the sake of argument that we do produce more co2 than all of the trees/plants can take. What will happen then? 

Well to begin with, the oceans are also full of plant life. The trees will grow faster and larger and consume more, and other plants develop and prosper in a way that it'll increase plant life across the planet. Less harsh winters in far north and south, resulting to longer growing season. Meaning, being able to grow crops and forests where now there is only vast, nearly level, treeless plains in the arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America aka tundra.

Therefore, an abundant food production from plant life for wild herbivores to consume and thus more food for carnivores in the ecosystem. It would quite matter of factly be a WONDERFUL condition which by the way has been seen before and well documented during the middle ages warming period that plant life grew in wider areas than in times of cold, aka The Medieval Warming Period that is generally known in the scientific community as previously mentioned. 

This very important and crucial time lapse that has been REMOVED purposely by the Penn State bribed scientist Dr. Michael Mann in order to create a false sense of knowing by depicting an edited/altered graph aka the 'hocky stick graph.' A higher CO2 is a GOOD THING! Please, remember that CO2 is AIR for plants that give off O2 that YOU and I breathe!

Fourthly, the climate ALWAYS CHANGES, ALWAYS. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Like at what funk point in earths history did the climate not change!? There were five global warnings and four Ice Ages for the past 400 thousand years which is also generally known in the scientific community. And I don't think we blamed them on dinosaur farts did we?? I don't think so! It goes through cycles, always has and always will. It isn't getting warmer at all, in fact it is COOLING since the last past 15/17 years! And proof is abundant. We have actually entered a small ice age. Which, if you ask me isn't 'natural' at all but MAN MADE! Because, if you reduce CO2 in the atmosphere which they are able to do so by rain producing cloud seeding operations, along with deficiency linked chemtrail programs, wind patterns (that majorly influence the ocean's temperature that triggers huge methane eruptions) and directed energy technology that are working all at the same time to get the desired outcome. 

Altering the world and the weather for the past few decades under the name of the 'High Frequency Active Auror Research' aka HAARP which began in 1993, a joint project funded by the U.S. Air Force, Navy and DARPA and its commanders Rome and royals in east and west. The central and core part of the program’s development is a unique high frequency ionospheric heating capability. Meaning controlling and/or modifying the weather using high radio waves with antennas/lasers that pollutes our waters, our ground and air that tremendously effects every single biological organism at this very moment.

There is also in addition to all of that the ELF waves, Geophysical probing and other military applications, and the list goes on and on. There is lot of information to find about it online. Please do your research as there is a huge online censorship on the rise where access to certain information is limited or edited in order to prevent knowledge or freedom of thought. It's nothing but a weapon of mass destruction and they are placed throughout the earth. It’s been stated: ''Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize''. 

''Environmental warfare defined as (1) the intentional modification of a system of the natural ecology, such climate and weather, earth systems such as the ionosphere, magnetosphere, tectonic plate system, and/or the triggering of seismic events (earthquakes) and tsunamis. (2) to cause intentional physical, economic, and psycho-social, and physical destruction to an intended target geophysical or population location, ←- think of the indigenous ppl of color worldwide, think of hurricane Katrina or the Indonesian tsunami. (3) as part of strategic or tactical war.'' Please read the three main definitions over and over and over again and let it sink in.

Most of us alive today have even barely known truly 'natural' weather, what we are experiencing for the past few decades is anything and everything BUT natural. Just like our thoughts/foods/bodies have become more and more artificial so is our weather. The climate is 'swinging' RADICALLY from one extreme to another. It is actually now very common to have spring like temperatures one day and snow the next. These "fluctuations" are getting even more severe. And they are not willing to openly admit to the fact that geo- and eco- engineering programs have been fully deployed for decades even though growing mountain of hard core evidence makes this fact indisputable!

Fifthly, this very scare industry has lead the world governments collect trillions in CO2 taxes. The so called scientists have received millions in AGW (anthropogenic global warming) ''research grants'', security companies received trillions in carbon trading commissions, and the UN wants trillions for global wealth redistribution. Governments also want to CONTROL CO2 emissions to gain more power. There are newly implemented programs that makes it possible for ppl to notify any ''non green'' person to the authorities. Hence all the new 'green' products that are being promoted via local town houses/city councils..

It has been even admitted by the original AGW pushers that they have falsified and altered the facts and data. Does the name Al Gore sound any familiar? He is the one that predicted that we would all be under water by now and ironically bought himself a beach front property after he made this very claim. This man made him self very rich thanks to this whole carbon tax scam. In 2001, when he left the White House as vice president, his total wealth/net worth back then was approximately less than $2 million. Ever since then, he has grown his wealth to $100 million almost entirely by investing in “green-tech” companies. And 14 of which received more than $2.5 billion in loans, grants, tax breaks, and more from the Obama administration. 

The US government alone spends $22 billion a year financing ''global warming'' initiatives based on complete lies and fraudulent and altered data. Here in the Netherlands and you can look up the numbers and facts for yourself(CBS centraal bureau voor statistieken of rijksoverheid), which has been increasing since 2007 when the Dutch government spent E900 million on ''climate change'' prevention. In 2010 it was E1,3 billion(miljard) and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Recently found documents from the NASA archives point out that these programs already had budgets into the hundreds of millions of dollars/euros back in the mid 60ies. And I'm only mentioning the countries UsA and the Netherlands, let aside the rest of the world.

Please do excuse me, I'm skipping from one subject to another. As I was saying if you reduce CO2 in the atmosphere it will lead like I said before to STARVATION and to more dead vast, nearly level, TREELESS plains where plants or trees or food or animals are being REDUCED that depend on plants ability to grow, which will result to a shortage of food and will instantly HIT GLOBAL FOOD STOCKS! Food prices will increase like crazy and in some places make food completely unavailable, leading to severe deficiency in caloric energy intake, which is needed to maintain HUMAN LIFE. Resulting to violence erupting in the streets. 

To give you an idea of what I mean, the UsA's 'Black Friday' is a good example that shows what some ppl are willing to do (fight and even die) for some products. Can you now imagine what some ppl are willing to do for food and water? It'll cause governments and nations to fall, chaos will break out which makes international wars inevitable. And where we will be highly dependent on ''sustainable'' resources instead of NATURAL ones like oil that'll cost over $/E300/400 a vat! All to decrease the amount of ppl, not because of the fabrication ''overpopulation'' but because let's say 1 or 2 chipped billion ppl can be easily monitored and controlled than 7.4 billion ppl in the new world order/government. Brought to us in the name of ''preservation'' and green propaganda aka ''global warming'' while it is cooling. These evil inhumane group of ''ppl'' are preaching global warming non stop for us to believe the 'cooling' is a natural process while in fact it is man made as they of course have claimed differently. So they won't get the blame as they were so heroically trying to save us and the earth, NOT!. We are the ones who ''consciously'' chose and paid for all of it.

Furthermore, the concept 'pollution' is purposely mixed/confused with climate change. These two things are two very different things. Like I said earlier the climate always chnages as it goes through cycles which is completely a different thing than 'pollution'. In my perspective a more logical cause for all the pollution, mainly in the most populated countries in the world, USA, China and India, would be all the nuclear testing and meltdowns but FOREMOST weather manipulation with chemtrails and HAARP technology which to this day is never ever mentioned and is unacknowledged by the hijacked and bribed scientific institutions. Idem dito for all of the main stream media/corporate/military/industrial complex/the world governments/Dicaprio/Al gore/their bli

It's nothing but a HUGE, EXPENSIVE and DESTRUCTIVE scheme for humanity and for people to assume they can actually change the weather through their behavior is really bordering on insanity! I actually still can't believe I used to fall for this. We're being played non stop and, it's never ever too late to learn and unlearn. Ppl act like I'm the all knowing wise person but I am definitely NOT! All I have done is questioned things and be my own journalist and researcher which mainly consists of reading a lot and is quite matter of factly not that popular. What I really mean to say is that each and everyone of us have beyond great capabilities and capacities that are suppressed and muted through all the social/educational/cultural engineering and our food(mainly neurotoxic) which are all hijacked by our own masters which we vote for and our beloved kings and queens and the elites in the east and west. In our current system we don't have time to reflect on ourselves, our behavior, thoughts and feelings and our lives and decisions let aside researching every single thing. As we are too occupied with 'fitting in' and chase brainless and meaningless things/stuff or ppl. These ''ppl'' are against life and humanity and spirituality, something very malevolent. I may sound crazy to some(but hey the crazier I sound to someone the more indoctrinated this person is) but I don't care anymore what anybody thinks of me. I kinda passed that stage. I couldn't care less. This sick cult gets excited by murder/rape, blood drinking, cannibalism, pedophilia and pretend they're saving and helping humanity. I mean for *^%&%$ sake they demonized a LIFE GIVING GAS, which AGAIN the earth itself releases MORE than animals AND humans combined. Pls tell me why on Gods green earth would anyone want to reduce the life-giving gas that allows life on earth, unless of course you're simply against life in general?

There is absolutely a much larger picture here. Look up Agenda 21 and UN's agenda 2030. Here's a link that perfectly 'translates' UN's words and stated goals. http://www.naturalnews.com/051058_2030_Agenda_United_Nation… which by the way the UN page continuously deletes whomever posts this link. It's the stated goal of the global elites to move everyone out of rural areas into cities, where they can be better controlled. George Orwells' book named 1984 somewhat describes this very thing. All of this will be done in the name of ''preservation'' (and again the environment which is something global is the chosen mechanism to manifest a 'global government'.

Obviously one needs a global problem that requires a global solution). We're not as valuable as the space we occupy to the globalists. Be ready to live in a 16×16 box somewhere in a city. One can wrap Agenda 21/2030 in many beautiful words like “caring about the earth” but it is actually nothing more than 'global communist corporate fascism and totalitarian socialism' under a one world government tyranny and call it ''sustainable development'' and ''equality'' and at the same time keeping us entertained and distracted with other man made social political constructs and categorizations like body size, gender, sexual preferences etc.. I absolutely have nothing against it but we have far more important things to prioritize! It's all been OFFICIALLY documented and here we are disturbed over the scam that is "global warming", which they've changed from 'global cooling' to 'global warming', and then climate change when they were repeatedly shown to be liars. 

It's propaganda at its fukn best and maybe the most expensive and LETHAL one in the history of mankind. Geo engineering is definitely beyond the most significant source of environmental and climate demolition on the planet today. All these disastrous, ''make work'' projects for the acquisition of more wealth when we could very easily give everyone free energy. :-/

Last but not least, after questioning and doing my own research, my perspectives obviously have completely changed, because facts and science (learn the difference between science and scientism), disapprove this whole hoax! Hundreds of predictions made by all of these climate change pushers with ZERO ever coming true. Never forget that whenever science research is connected to politics, it's simply corrupt, PERIOD. 

The so called 97% consensus mentioned by Al Gore in the scientific community is not scientific at all, it's POLITICAL. The battle cry is "the science is proven, the debate is over, now's the time to act." What we've actually seen instead is "the junk science is proven, debate is forbidden, now's the time to screw over the people, for their own good that is, of course".

Half of the worlds fukn top scientists call global warming a sham, a political agenda, fake, fiction, an expensive joke, a hoax! But I guess their findings doesn't come into effect and is completely irrelevant to all the AGW pushers including Leonardo's document. The hijacking and politicization of science is a total nightmare and it's growing like cancer. And the very fact everyone is willing to put their heads in the sand and ignore the whole thing is down right more disgusting than my poor grammar skills. 

We rather obey and work even harder to pay more taxes and help these sickos. I guess some are so blinded by daily distractions that they don't even see it and are total indifferent about it. There is btw a chemical substance that makes one indifferent and less curious and caring and it's in our foods. We have been culturally programmed to count our calories but instead count the neurotoxins that are found everywhere and nowhere. Try to eat clean and organic no matter what it is you eat. And if you think it's expensive just imagine how expensive cancer treatments are or some other disease or medication. If you'll never truly understand how powerful your mind and body is you'll NEVER EVER understand why it is on attack 24/7 NON STOP through many many different routes and ways.

Please, for the sake of humanity and beautiful Earth do your research and see the facts for yourself. Stop letting external gold digging and life killing institutionalized and government organizations and media tell you what/where/how/why to think/behave/spend/live. We should take back our sovereign rights, OUR life, our bodies, our minds and our money which we all work hard for. We vote with our money and we're giving it away to deprive us of our basic human rights. There is more money spent on these shams than on our EDUCATION and/or HEALTH CARE!! The very least anybody can do is spread the word and make every man, women and child know of these shams. 

They have ran out of justifiable reasons to get rid of HUMAN LIVES and to tax the public and get rich quickly so that the ladder of hierarchy can move up. We are taxed on EVERY fukn SINGLE ASPECT of our lives except the air we breathe and we are letting them do it. I mean seriously what's next? Too much oxygen in the atmosphere so please hand over 75% of your wages to the great and wonderful government so they can make it better once again. 

These ARE NOT ''conspiracy theories''. This term has specifically been brought to life to fight and ridicule the critical thinkers, the ones that do their own research instead of let anybody else tell them how and what. It's literally in our faces, everywhere we go. In our schools/hospitals/media/supermarkets/businesses. There is a whole troll campaign going on named climate change/science deniers. If a scientist or anyone speaks up he or she gets fired and/or ridiculed. 

Calling someone a "science denier" is just a convenient way to shut down debate and discourse. We are truly being exploited in the name of 'science' and 'research'. Ppl nowadays seriously view speaking your mind or stating a point as 'bad' or 'negative' and immediately start the labeling. ''C02 is bad. Government is good.'' ''Thinking independently is bad. Doing what your told to please your superior is good.'' ''Eating meat is bad. Eating a plant is good.'' Quit fukn allowing others to condition your fukn brain.(pls do excuse me for the swearing). DARE to assume MOST of what you know could be wrong and then go find out for yourself. Especially in our current time for almost everything we have ever been taught and/or told in the history of mankind are based on lies and misinformation. Just because it's typed in black in white with a pretty coinciding graph and preached by your fav actor who played the famous Titanic and is playing on our emotions DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. 

By the way, if you're one of those ppl that think that ppl who eat meat are responsible for the climate change you seriously need to sit your ass down and do some serious research. People have been eating meat since forever. Information is abundant even though laws are enforced that blocks information. Whenever our corrupt, mass murdering global 'leaders' pretend to ''help'' our planet and/or humanity, one should start to ask some serious fukn questions.

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Below are 4 quotes of some people that I find totally worth sharing:

The famous author Michael Crichton who has passed away: ''Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one or more investigators who happens to be right, which means that he/she/they has/have results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science, consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.''

Ivar Giaever, a Nobel Prize winner in physics, and a former professor at the School of Engineering and School of Science Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Also, who was one of Obama's key scientific supporters in 2008, now mocks him for warning that “no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change”.

“When you have a theory and the theory does not agree with the experiment then you have to cut out the theory. You were wrong with the theory,” Giaever explained. ''Global warming really has become a new religion, because you cannot discuss it. It’s not proper. It is like the Catholic Church. Climate change orthodoxy has become a 'new religion' for scientists, and the data isn't nearly as compelling as it should be to get this kind of conformity.''

One of the original founders of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore, has announced that climate change is “pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science,” and that in reality, ''there is no evidence whatsoever man is contributing to climate change” He said he left the group in the 80s, because it became more interested in politics than the environment, which he could not accept from his scientific perspective.

''The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.'' – H.L. Mencken (an American journalist, social/cultural critic, also regarded as the most influential writers of the twentieth century)

Peace be upon us all!

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