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First MCD Guidance Counselors Induction Held

Marawi City, Lanao del Sur
December 3, 2016

‘First of Its Kind.’ Part of Marawi City Division new reforms under the leadership of Pharida Sansarona, OIC-Schools Division Superintendent, is to strengthen and enhance all the programs and thrusts of Department of Education in elevating the quality of education,

New innovations have been created to help realize this advocacy of reform in the division.

As a manifestation, new group of professionals was formed to regulate more of the significant programs of Marawi City Division.

This is the MCD Guidance Counselors Association.

This is the MCD Guidance Counselors Association. Different school Guidance Counselors, both public and private, were gathered last month and formed a formal association to address some problems and issues that MCD now is encountering.

This pertains also to the learners welfare, teachers sentiments, and school problems.

MCD Guidance Counselors Association OFFICERS SY 2016-2017 were:

President - Aida P. Bato

External Vice President - Mohammad Straji Abdulgafur

Internal Vice President - Dr. Rohanida S. Mutin

External Secretary - Maria Terresa Dinog

Internal Secretary - Rocaya Mocsif

Treasurer - Norhaya L. Mambuay

Assistant Treasurer—Aliya o. Tambak

Auditor - sah Mangoranda

P.I.O External - Noraya T. Macarambon Nadja M. Mohadali

P.I.O Internal - Cayamona Ibrahim Sittie Nairah H.Ali,

RGC Adviser - Dr. Raisalam. B. Maunti.

The Induction Ceremony was held at Jims Cafe on December 3, 2016, 10:00 a.m.

It was witnessed by the MCD Personnel headed by OIC Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Anna Zenaida U. Alonto.


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