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Is the Climate Change Commission addressing enough the climate change phenomena?

The Philippines is among countries in the world always hit by natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, erosion, earthquakes and even man-made like fires.

While governments and leaders in foreign lands, climate change, the environment and disaster prevention are given so much emphasis on their fatal destruction to both humans and natures, the Philippines approach seems lax enough to contend such deadly phenomena.

The New Ranao Star was given a chance to observe how the Climate Change Commission is addressing the problem especially on how they are involving the citizenry in the preparedness and readiness in time of calamity and disaster due to climate change effect.

In the “People’s Response and Resiliency against Disaster: Mainstreaming of the Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) Consultation Proper” held in November last year at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel, experts and resource people of the Commission presented plans and programs apparently to contend calamity for the future, near or far, that include livelihood programs for the Bangsamoro and Indigenous Peoples.

This was a consultation supposed to be participated by concerned environmentalist leaders or individuals representing well and fairly the inhabitants from across the archipelago (from Aparri to Jolo) because the general public has all to be involved to help in addressing the problem. Of course, there are leaders in other areas who were around.

But, unfortunately, it was not the case in the said forum. Take for example, Mindanao which is composed of five or more regions with tens of provinces and inhabited by the Bangsamoro, various ethnic tribes, and the so-called migrants who came to the Island and to live in Mindanao for good.

It was very surprising that Mindanao is represented by a handful of Maguindanaons from what used to be the lone Cotabato Province, none from the other parts of its mainland and islands. Even then we know that only a few participants is truly environmentalist. The rest came there just to watch the show and enjoy what personal benefit it might give.

Also in the said forum, participants seemed not to be interested enough in the presentation of disaster preparedness and prevention. What many of them were concerned much about was the budget of the livelihood programs that the Commission would be providing. That sometimes we could not help but think that such attitude typically becomes a Filipino tradition.

Secretary De Guzman should re-assess truly how his commission did their job in the past, how they are doing it now and how they will do it in the years to come. And if we may suggest, he should involve not only one organization that does not represent the entire Filipino People but also other environmentalist leaders and organizations throughout the country.

How we also wish that President Duterte could as well look into this kind of menace in our society for as drugs kill, and do climate change and environment mismanagement. The New Ranao Star

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