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DUREZA graces kanduri hosted by former mayors Soli and Pre

By Ashmen Sultan 
Marawi City | November 25, 2016

Office of the Presidential Assistant on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Secretary Jesus Dureza braved the inclement weather last November 24 in an Asia Pacific flight from Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City and over 90 kilometers of land travel to this City to be the guest speaker in a Kanduri for Brotherhood and Peace.

The Kanduri was hosted by former Marawi City mayors Omar Solitario Ali and Sultan Fahad Pre Salic. It was held at the residence of former Mayor Salic at barangay Kambingan here.

Commitment to Brotherhood and Pace

Most highlighted part of the kanduri was the reading of a manifesto of Commitment to Brotherhood and Peace and Peace Support to the government campaign against crime and corruption.

Solitario read the manifesto, as follows:

“We, the good people and Muslims of Ranao, who are here with us today, composing of learners, Madaris teachers, Qur’an Reciters, Imams, the Ulama, Masheiks, Preachers, fighters, officers of the MILF, reservists, farmers, Muslim Women, and community leaders with our friends and guests from the central government in manila and from the Nationalist and Democratic community; now and in this momentous occasion declare; Our commitment to promote and work for reconciliation, brotherhood, mutual help and cooperation in the search from peace and progress in a society free from criminality, the drug menace, corruption, destructive extremism, and feudal conflict or RIDO; To support all the programs of the present government which are beneficial to the Bangsamoro community and to the Filipino community at large; To exert our best to support the establishment of peace, freedom, self-determination, unity in diversity, and contested but shared prosperity under a transparent, and directly accountable government of the incoming federal republic of the Philippines, whose establishment is pear headed by no less than President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. May Allah give him long life, charisma, power and determination to accomplish this noble undertaking, Insha Allah.

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