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Medical Mission held in Lumbaca Toros, Marawi

By ASHMEN SULTAN Lumbaca Toros, Marawi City, November 17, 2016 – Barangay Lumbaca Toros of Marawi City headed by chairman Rasol Taher Taha hosted a medical mission on the National TB Prevalence Survey of the Department of Health, Philippine Council for Health Research Development and Foundation for the Advancement of Clinical Epidemiology, Inc. and Marawi City Health Office held last from November 10-16 at the chairman’s residence here.

CHO Representatives who joined the medical mission were Naphisa B. Camama, Rasmia T. Radiamoda, Nicanora B. Aba and Almira A. Noh. CHO is headed by Dr. Ali Dalidig. From the NTBPS were Rachel B. Longalog, Jayson M. Ablir and Jason B. Caleze. They were led by Dr. Mary Ann Lansang, the head of this project.

There are 108 barangays nationwide identified to be serviced by the project with 500 persons in every barangay to be benefitted or a total of 54,000.

According to the medical mission team, Lumbaca Toros is among the lucky barangays in Marawi considering that it had been drawn in a raffle.

There are 500 residents to be examined and those found positive TB will be provided contagious benefits for their treatment. They just need to visit the DOTS in every health center to get medicines and examined again.

Chairman Taha said: “Ang pagsisiyasat ng programang ito ay nababase sa Clinical Research kung saan makakatulong ito upang malaman at maintindihan ang dahilan ng ating karamdaman, especially in terms of TB or sakit sa baga. Makakatulong din ito para malaman natin ang mga panganib at benepisyo.”

To avail of the program are those who are aged 15 or above. Pregnant women are not allowed to be examined because of the X-Ray radiation.

There are five steps to be passed in the examinations:

Step 1. Reception. Where a patient is given a folder and form to be filled-up.

Step 2. Interview. Where the patient is to be asked of demographic profile and daily body pains and the like.

Step 3. Laboratory X-Ray. Where to undergo X-Ray.

Step 4. X-Ray Reading of the result of the X-Ray of the lungs, nerves and body to base any sign of TB.

Step 5. Sputum Collection. If the Ex-Ray shows any sign of TB, saliva has to be collected with another one to be provided later.

Step 6. Provide Vitamins B1 and B2.

Results of the of the examinations can easily be seen at their website. Ntps.face@gmail.com whether one is positive or not with the sickness.

Free medicines can be acquired from the nearest DOTS in your area. tnrs

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