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Ranao CSOs hold consultation: Identify Concerns, Issues in Govt Projects Implementation

Lim Kit Kai, Cagayan de Oro City
December 15, 2016

Several civil society organizations (CSOs) in Lanao del Sur converged at a hotel here on December 11 to 13 to discuss various concerns and issues affecting the implementation of projects and programs by different line agencies and local government units aimed to alleviate the welfare of the local populace as the new administration is in its six-month operations.

The forum also identified projects or programs needed in order to maximize benefits for the community grassroots in the province.

Initially, the group has formulated the following objectives:

1. To equip the Civil Society Organization in Lanao del Sur to act and to support the ARMM implementing body for the effective and efficient delivery of services to the different communities in Lanao del Sur;

2. To assist and coordinate with the ARMM frontline service in identifying, monitoring and evaluation of the projects delivered to the communities and cooperatives;

3. Organize and facilitate community residents in project implementations;

4. Strengthen partnership with the ORG in project implementation, monitoring, evaluation and awarding of projects to the potentials and qualified projects recipients; and

5. To provide CSOs lens and observation on the ARMM projects implementation in Lanao del Sur to find measure and effective steps in the delivery of project to the community level.

The forum was attended by such CSO leaders as Aminoden Cali, Dr. Omar Matuan, Macaorog Kilakilat Panandigan, Dr. Dipsy Maruhom, Adel Ditucalan, Khuzayma Maranda, Abul Alibasa, Maulana Mamutuk, Johari Ayo, Rash Bangcolongan, Jamil Abdulrahman, Jehan Ditucalan, Masiding Noor Yahya and others. TNRS 

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