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Piagapo high school chosen for the third time to represent Division-I to regional press con

Al Mhaida Pangarungan Alonto
Piagapo, Lanao del Sur

Bubonga-Marantao National High School of Piagapo, Lanao del Sur is once again a delegate of the Division of Lanao del Sur I Division to the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) at Tamontaka, Cotabato City, after it was chosen during the Division Schools Press Conference on Radio Broadcasting Screening.

The school’s administration, teachers, staff, students, and the community as a whole are proud that we are making it at to this point for three consecutive years.

If being proud is a form of 'takabbur', then let it be. Everyone has his own bragging-rights to express (considering we are journalists) no matter how little or big something is.

And our thanks to all those who in one way or another have contributed to this success in DSPC Radio Broadcasting and one of the pioneering DSPC Champs!

May we continuously please Allah as Meriam, PAECPA President, said "it is our greatest purpose in RSPC," and Helen, Regional Program Coordinator - Journalism, said “...not to compete but to learn something."

Indeed, those words are implied by teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

To our fellow DSPC Champs, may we all be given a chance to witness with Allah in our hearts to stand and give pride and joy to our division and to every one of us every RSPC. Alhamdulillah.
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