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Davao City LGU institutionalizes urban container gardening

DAVAO CITY, Feb. 23 (PNA)-- Davao City will soon institutionalize Urban Container Gardening (UCG) to make food production sustainable.

"I will soon pass a resolution that will institutionalize the urban container gardening concept in the city," said Councilor Marissa Abella, chair of the committee on agriculture.

Abella said the UCG, which was launched last month at the rooftop of the City Hall Annex Building, can be duplicated even in housing units with small areas. This is ideal in the city considering the increasing number of low cost and medium housing subdivisions here.

The UCG occupies the rooftop of the four-storey building of the City Hall Annex. The building houses various offices of the city government including the City Health Office, Animal Bite Center, City Veterinarian Office, City Cooperative Development Office and the City Agriculture Office (CAO).

Abella said promoting the urban container gardening concept follows the 10-point agenda of Mayor Sara Duterte. Sara's administration aims to promote food security and food safety.
It is possible to create a small edible garden no matter how small one’s backyard is, Abella said. The urban container garden showcase occupies a small area but has various plants including pechay, lettuce, tomatoes and okra.
”Hopefully, DavaoeƱos will learn how to make themselves sustainable by having food right in their backyard,” she said. (PNA)

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