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Trump’s Muslim ban ‘shameful, cruel’ — London mayor

US President Trump. File
MOSCOW, Jan. 29 -- Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called "shameful and cruel" the order of US President Donald Trump temporarily blocking Muslims from a range of countries from arriving in the United States.

"President Trump's ban on refugees and immigrants from certain countries is shameful and cruel… The President can't just turn his back on this global crisis -- all countries need to play their part," Khan wrote in his Facebook account.

The mayor stressed that the United States had a long history of welcoming refugees and stressed that the order was criticized by the public and politicians.

"I'm pleased that the Prime Minister has now said she and the government do not agree with President Trump's policy, which will affect many British citizens who have dual nationality, including Londoners born in countries affected by the ban," Khan said.

He added that he would work with the government on the issue if London citizens were affected by the ban.

On Friday, Trump signed an executive order blocking all refugees from coming to the United States for 120 days and suspended the entry for citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days.


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