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Is the word ‘Moro’ kastilan? What does it mean?

I was in Morocco in the year 2000. I had talked to some scholars there and read a few books about the Moors, the Moroccans, and the Moros. So I have learned the meaning of 'moro' and what language it is.

Sometimes, we eat consciously or unconsciously whatever the foreigners feed us with a blind belief that such was a good food of the civilized of which we strive to show we are among them.

What does the word 'moro' then mean? Perhaps, there is a need to read Muslim history books written by classical Muslim authors and ask Muslim scholars about the meaning of the word.

Once in a while it is good to leave that blue-collared thinking as if one were a Westerner and not Far Easterner.


Lately, these days, accusation coming from similar sources is posted in facebook accounts. It refers to Mujiv Hataman, the present governor of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), being suspended.

A media practitioner, who knows ethics and rules, and any other sound mind for that matter, cannot easily believe in the accusation. One may just say, it is baseless, for truly, it is unfounded.

The rumor, as everybody knows, emanates from the conflict or disagreement between the ARMM leadership and some public school officials in the region which resulted in the replacement of one or two, on the one hand, and, cases being filed in courts, on the other.

But until now, those cases are not yet finally resolved and the talks about suspension still go in the air. And therefore, the truth of the matter is that there is no suspension of Governor Hataman as it is being circulated by the unsatisfied souls.

Why can we not wait for the decision of the court before we insinuate anything? TNRS

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