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The Temerity

The desire to circumvent laws and regulations will never triumph. A reasonable system never succumbs to intentional administrative Alzheimer where lapses are committed in favor of personal convenience and still insist that the wrong is right. We put flesh to the spirit of the law. Not shape it according to our unreasonable and selfish ends.

What could be more irrational than demanding pay for non-compliance of the rules? Only fools will succumb to the foolishness of the insane. The very danger of practicing the wrong is when it is considered correct and the right becomes wrong.

The essence of education is to form individuals in the light of what is right. In the same philosophy is the need for teachers with a perfect sense of morality and judgement who will practice what they preach and never abandon light for darkness. If teachers act like termites to weaken the foundation of moral judgement, they do not deserve the classrooms and neither do the classrooms deserve them.

Dignity of labor is foundation of self worth. Worthlessness is perfectly exemplified by teachers who demand pay without working for it. The old system may have been blind to it but never this system that is determined to install what is right. And if the right is too much to do, then think again: you have no right to be where discipline is valued.

I speak for what is right. I shall stand for what is just. Those are my shields. Threats are just as good as those who make them. The insane, the unjust and the unreasonable find perfect comfort in force and might that never make me fear an inch. Evil never triumphs against justice and which I will always abide.
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