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Islam, Masonry and the New World Order

Nowadays, the so-called free and independent Masonry is gaining adherents from the supposedly Islamic strict Maranao Muslim populace.

No less than Maranao political figures are scampering in towards that secret society. These include provincial and municipal political leaders and government officials.
In fact even the name of the late Haroun Al-Rashid Lucman is being used as a Mason chapter name with temple situated in the no less than Islamic City of Marawi.
Marawi, situated in Mindanao, south of Philippines, is supposed to be almost a hundred percent Muslim-dominated city.
And it is said to be the remaining frontier of Islamic civilization in the Philippines as Islamic scholars (Ulama) and big Islamic schools (Ma’ahad) are found .
But why, is there anything wrong joining in this secret society whose membership are highly placed personalities in powerful echelons of the world?
After all,  it is tested by time that a mason enjoys so much benefit and he is well-protected in his career even if he might have committed serious offenses.
It known that most high-ranking officials in government and the military, oligarchs, business tycoons, and big-time civil society leaders are masons.
And if we got it right, a mason is duty bound to defend and protect his brother mason’s life, family and property whether he is right or wrong.
And righteousness here means nothing but according to the definition of masonry. Which is, nothing is right except masonry
Now what is to be pondered of is “The Protocols” which clearly defines masonry as among Zionist clutches to realize their envisioned New World Order.
The Protocols is a code of intelligences as a guide towards that vision of making the Jews racially, materially and spiritually superior over any other peoples.
By which, therefore, they will rule the world, all of humanity and other creature as allegedly promised by the Divine Providence, Lord of the Worlds.
They believe they are the Chosen People mentioned in the scriptures who has been given right of superiority over others.
But Islam is against masonry because Islam strictly enjoins that peoples are equal in the eyes of God. The only difference is their piety and deeds.

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