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It’s true, Ranao Star chooses what to publish

It’s true The New Ranao Star is choosing what to publish in its pages. That’s our prerogative. And as long as it isn’t against the law, no one can deny that right of us.

If an agency, government or not, is not accommodated in one of our pages, it’s because such agency doesn’t deserve it—perhaps it’s corrupt, or unbecoming. If it isn’t corrupt or unbecoming, it’s just simply, one with no competent people to boost the agency’s image.

We are fully aware that most often, many agencies hire the services of the ‘jokers’ in the media world: the Komedyante who go from one place to another and offer media services though they have no regular media outlets.

So if you are an agency which ain’t given media mileage by Ranao Star, don’t blame us, and, mind you, mentioning Tatay Digong in such an impute could be construed as an indirect harassment by a public servant.

I know Mayor Rody since the very first time he ran for mayor in Davao City. That was in 1988 and I, too, at the time ran for the city council of the city first district, for Davao City has three congressional districts. Rody won, I lost.

And yes I know very well that Rody hates a Komedyante who belongs to the ACDC in the media. But he loves a pro media practitioner who goes by the rule. And he gives to people, media or not, who abide by the law. He helps the sickly, the orphans, marginalized, and those who need help.

But he, Mayor Rody, hates most a corrupt government official, especially a politician who uses people’s money to buy latest cars, houses, plantations, and womanizing. This is rampant in the province of Lanao del Sur. The few politicians who had been convicted is a manifest of this rampancy.

And as long as we have this kind of politician in the province, Lanao del Sur will ever remain the poorest province in the Philippines. May this tribe of bigots will not prosper so that Lanao del Sur will become progressive province.


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