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Statement of Assy. Abol Alam A. Padate on the Marawi Incident and the Declaration of Martial Law

Assy Padate, third from right, receives award from Bayang
Mayor Balt during the Battle of Bayang commemoration
The event that is transpiring in Marawi City pains my heart. We would be welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadan in a few days but it seems many of our brothers and sisters will either be doing it away from their homes or in fear. I am in solidarity with my fellow Meranaos, Bangsamoros in this time of hardship. 

The President's declaration of Martial Law is a very tough pill to swallow. We all know the experiences we had in the 1970s. But such prerogative is granted to him by our Constitution and may he use it to contain this madness and bring back peace and order. 

To these lawless elements, surely there are other methods wherein you can air your grievances. Taking of lives and destruction of property should never be the way, not in Islam. To our security forces, AFP and the PNP, not every Bangsamoro is an enemy. Be mindful of your actions and do not drive civilians further away from the law. Follow your orders but please respect the rights of our people. 

May we all endure this heavy and painful situation. In shaa Allah. Ameen.
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