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Revolutionary government is one best option to eradicate corruption

By Masiding Noor Yahya

When President Rodrigo Roa Dutere warned that he may declare a revolutionary government if his detractors would not stop their destabilization campaign against him, Maranaos showed varied reactions: some are happy; others are not.

Those who are happy are happy because of the inherent powers of the President in a revolutionary government to replace existing officials, particularly elected ones. They are happy because they believe there are Muslim officials who are corrupt and who make government coffers as their own personal wealth.

They believe these corrupt and greedy officials have not done their job not only during the Marawi Siege but all the time they are in the position. They think that what these officials have done is just to satisfy their greed. Therefore, they should be kicked out and replaced by competent and good officials.

On the other hand, those who are not happy are government officials and their relatives that depend upon them for their economic and personal protection if not aggrandizement. Everybody can understand why and there is no need to further say why they are not happy.

In Marawi City, many were elated when President Duterte said he might replace local officials for not informing him that there are tunnels being used by the dreaded Maute and allied terrorist groups which made too difficult for the government to deal with the terrorists in the Marawi Siege.

But will replacing incumbents assure us that the replacement are not similarly, if not worst, corrupt? If this replacement issue will happen, we wish to ask President Duterte to replace only those who are corrupt and not only in Lanao del Sur but throughout the county. 

We believe Duterte knows them very well no matter how these corrupt officials hide inside their propaganda skirts. (RSP)
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