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Maranao professional seeks renaming Marawi back to Dansalan

Dr. Cabusaran
A renowned Maranao professional, traditional and sector leader is seeking to rename the Islamic City of Marawi to its back old name Dansalan after the city has been devastated by the siege perpetrated by the Maute group and its allied armed groups 

Dr. Mamasaranao “Rhenoy” M. Cabusaran, president of Muriatao Diwan (Descendants of Diwan) in the Philippines calls on Maranao leaders in government to work out the renaming of the city into its glorious old name.

He told Ranao Star that after the siege that devastated the Islamic City of Marawi, “it is now high time that our leaders in government as well as in other sectors should work out to revert the name of the city to its old glorious name “Dansalan” which is among the oldest towns in Mindanao.

It was said that Dansalan was the capital of the Moro province and later of the then lone province of Lanao before it was divided into two.

Dr. Cabusaran, also a mediaman himself said the word “Dansalan” is even good sounding both in enunciation and meaning than ‘Marawi’.

“Dansalan means final destination while Marawi may connote bending to certain outside force,” Cabusaran said.

It shall be recalled that Atty. Majul Gandamra in his first year in office as city mayor marked the anniversary of Dansalan as a city for the first time after it was changed to Marawi in 1956 by a Congressional Act which divided Lanao province into Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur thus making Marawi as the capital of Lanao del Sur while Iligan of Lanao del Norte. (MNY)

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