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Misspelled 'Philippines' banners welcome ASEAN Summit delegates

Photo via Kathy Yamzon/Facebook: 23472833_10155123486296169_2113225287185490363_n
Here’s another post of the same banner over a pedestrian walkway in Alabang. (Coconuts)

Cagayan de Oro City, November 10 -- Misspelled 'Philippines' banners will welcome ASEAN Summit delegates arriving Manila on Sunday.

Signs that say “Welcome to the Philppines — missing the “i" which should have been placed after the "l" are seen in some parts of the Metro Manila to welcome the delegates.
Katrina Yamzon, an activist with Bayan Philippines uploaded the photo to Facebook earlier today.
The Presidential Communications and Operations Office (PCOO) denied they or any other government agency were responsible for distributing the banners. According to Rappler, PCOO Undersecretary Kris Ablan told reporters this afternoon that they have ordered the banners to be removed. Ablan had no explanation about where the banners came from.
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