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Moro Group appeal for the Release of Prince Al-Waleed bin Talaal

Iligan City, November 7 — Dr. Sophia Ampuan Sharief founder of Khadijah Mohammad Islamic Academy (KMIA) appeal for the release of Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talaal from arrest, the prince is among the 11 princes arrested by the Kingdom on November 5,2017 as part of their crackdown against corruption. Sharief on her part could not believe on the accusations thrown on Prince Talaal. As a matter of fact, she claims to be a witness to some of the philanthropic works of the prince in the Philippines and around the world apart from he being a successful billionaire businessman.

Dr. Sharief's Group staged a lightning Rally in Brgy. Santiago, Iligan City last Tuesday November 7,2017 to protest the arrest and call for the immediate release of Prince Talaal.

Agakhan M. Sharief a known Moro Activist as "Binladen of Mindanao" believes that the Prince is a Victim of Political persecution, referring to the recent development in the Kingdom with Prince Mohammad Bin Salman the "favorite son" of the king attempt to solidify and widen his control on the throne and neutralize his possible opponents to the crown.

(Source: Inno Mangaday’s FB)

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