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Marawi Ciy, Philippines
December 24, 2017

Facebook posters who have been passengers of tricycle drivers in the Mindanao State University (MSU) main campus were surprised to take pedicab drivers whom they had to guide in order to reach their destinations. They said these drivers are not locals as they dont speak the Maranao dialect and they do not know the campus vicinity.

"It seems they are from the islands," said one pedicab commuter.

Following is a post of a certain Joshua quoted in Facebook as saying:

"We are calling the Security Forces... of MSU to please track the background information of those pedicab drivers who are operating inside the MSU campus...

"I personally experienced this when I rode a pedicab. Ako pa ang nagbigay ng instructions sa driver kung paano ako makakarating sa 6th St kasi hindi daw niya alam. Isn't it disturbing? I mean kailan pa dumami ang mga non-Meranao drivers sa campus? Concern lang po kami. Mas mabuti nang manigurado para sa kapakanan ng nakararami. Sana umabot ito sa In-charge Office ng mga pedicabs. This is just to tighten our safety and security inside the campus. Thanks po."

He added, "Maybe this is their way to survey and familiarize the place like what they did in Marawi. Prevention is better than cure guys!"

This maybe a fake news to satisfy one's self good time in the soca media. But it shold not be taken for granted by concerned authorities.

Local authorities must investigate why there are tricycle drivers operating within the universaity main compound who are not locals and new in the area. (RSP)

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