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Why the “Buzz”?

Like you and me, a Muslim congressman has the right to express his opinion on Martial Law and don’t question his right!


It may be praised as a voice from the wilderness, or the sentiment of the righteous few as brought to us by the willing in the mainstream media. But that fuzz does not bother anyone, really!

And why? It is because, that voice, nay noise is not from the wilderness nor of the truly righteous. Rather, it is an unwilling expression of dissentment against the present establishment by the willing clutches of political opposition.

A few among us Maranaos has been making a noise after Congress decided the other day in favor of another year extension of Martial Law, as if saying that our representatives to the House have no balls not to vote against it.

But why? are these few crusaders and activists infallable sons of Gods to conclude that the decision of the Maranao congressmen and the rest of their colleagues who favored the extension is not right?

In this world, every one just like you and me and the more than a hundred million Filipinos is not only free to take side but has also the inherent right to express what side he takes even if he may not say the reason why.

A congressman is just like you and me, or any other Filipino. He is free to choose what side to take, however, right or wrong his decision might be, that is his inherent right that no one can question.

And that is practically why the noise made by the few did not bother any single independent minded person. Let this few be advised to stop the mongers meanwhile it is not yet ripe a time to accuse our men in congress. (MNY)
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