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This early, we are already seeing in social media early birds in the local political scene. Most advance props are those posted in favor of Atty. Nashrollah Conding, the youthful revenue district officer in Marawi City.

Conding would like to be of service to the good people of Marawi as city mayor.

It is obvious that Conding, one of the two present sultans of Bacolod of the the Lima a Pumagsopa sa Maraw (Five Principalities of Marawi) is banking, among others, on his pet project, the One Peso Zakat movement as his initial campaign.

Indeed, such religious slogan as One Peso Zakat is attractive. It connotes that if given a chance to lead the city, his is both an economic management and religious governance that can fast propel the city towards progress.

And by the way, the other sultan of Bacolod is Sultan Moy Saruang whose enthronement was done a little ahead of Conding's. Saruang, however, seems comfortable of being silent.

In Iligan City, this corner has caught a slip of the tongue gossip that Congressman Freddie Siao is eyeing the city top executive post; and that, he is considering to tap the Maranao votes in the city.

Watch out for more names to crop.

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